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Moraklyven is a slightly simpler and lighter version of the PW Klyven 500. It has a motor of 3 kW (4.2 hp) and a pressure of 5 tons, so it can withstand even large-scale wood splints.

The splitting time is 4.0 seconds and the return time is 3.0 seconds. As an accessory, there is a 4-cutting unit that allows the wood to be split into 4 parts in one step. Contact All You Need when ordering Accessories.

The work is done at a comfortable height with substantial controls. In the combined motor protection / electrical socket there is a phase inverter that allows you to easily change the direction of rotation of the motor if it goes in the wrong direction.

The wide wheels make the log splitter stand steady and is easy to move.

The Moraklif is delivered fully ready to drive and the tank filled with hydraulic oil - just plug in the plug and press the start button!

Technical data:

Engine: 3 kW (4.2 hp)

Electrical connections: 400 V, 3-phase, 16 A.

Phase user: Standard

Pressure: 5 tons

Wood length: Max 50 cm

Splitting speed: 4.0 seconds

Return speed: 3.0 seconds

Height (top of knife): 94cm

Working height: 73cm

Length: 144cm

Width: 66cm

Weight: 83 kg

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