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PW conveyor 1 phase

PW conveyor 1 phase


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The PW conveyor simplifies the work and increases the safety of wood cutting.

The conveyor is made of sheet metal and is driven by a worm gear motor in the upper part of the conveyor. This means that the engine pulls the wood up, which gives increased reliability (does not slip). The stable support legs are made of heavy pipes and are height-adjustable. The wheels make the conveyor easy to move.


Technical data:

Worm gear motor: 0.37 kW

Electrical connections: 400 V, 1-phase 

Torque: 45 Nm

Carrier: Galvanized plate h = 25 mm

Opening width: 500 mm

Band speed: 0.5 m / s

Max height: 290cm

Length: 525cm

Wide outer wheels: 117cm

Bandwidth: 10cm

Weight: 124kg

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