About us

About us

The company All You Need AB from Storuman is located together with its sister company Storuman Platsindustri AB (SPI) in the village of Barsele, about 20 kilometers from Storuman. We are located to unique premises inside Barselemountain, created by the Swedish Armed Forces in the 1950s. 

Inside the mountain, almost all our products are processed and produced together with SPI. All metal parts, for example our Snowmover, are machined, welded and assembled in place. The painting is done by another metal industry in the municipality. The plastic details manufactured by SPI. That's why we have local production on most of our products and parts.

Snowmover has All You Need AB manufactured and sold for over 25 years. Through the years, the product has evolved and will continue to do so as long as new ideas arrive.

Here are some of us who work on All You Need:

CEO/ Sales

Samuel Båtsman 

Phone: 0951-100 10   E-mail: samuel@allyouneed.se


Elin Holmgren

Phone: 0951-100 10   E-mail: info@allyouneed.se

Production, wearehousing and packaging

Olle Dahlberg

Emanuel Båtsman

Ibrahim Mohammed

Jesper Nyman 


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