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With PW Vedmaskin you can handle the annual requirement for a normal villa in a few days. According to Statens Maskinprovning's tests, the machine's capacity is 17-18 m³ stacked firewood in 8 hours.

Fast and safe! The woodworking machine's working method means that you work at a quiet pace but still with high capacity and safety. As the firewood cleaves while cutting it, you release one torque and all the handling of the wood that it brings. If you also use the conveyor together with the wood machine, you will get the wood directly where it should be stored.

Silent! As the firewood cuts the wood you release (and your neighbors) the sound from the saw blade. You can therefore work with the wood an early Sunday morning without waking up the whole neighborhood. Blades also have the ability to be blunt. If you have sawn wood with a blunt blade then you know how difficult it is. The cutting machine's knife is not as sensitive. You can cut a nail but still proceed as if nothing happened.

Robust and reliable. We have dimensioned the firewood to cope with the tough handling that wood cutting entails. It is often used as a rental machine thanks to its ironing resistance. Because we manufactured the wood machine for 20 years, we know what it can withstand and therefore dare to leave a 5 year warranty on materials and manufacturing faults.

PW Vedmaskin is CE-marked

Technical data:

Engine: 5.5 kW (7.5 hp)

Electrical connections: 400 V, 3-phase, 16 A

Phase user: Standard

Oil flow: 24 liters / minute

Oil pressure: 210 bar

Hydraulic oil: Viscosity 32, 17 liters

Piston / cylinder: Ø 80/100 mm

Cap speed: 4 sec. down, 2 sec. up

Pressure force: 19.5 tons

Knife: Hardox 400

Roller table length: 240cm

My wood diameter: Ø 5 mm

Max wood diameter: Ø 300 mm

Height: 205cm

Working height: 80cm

Length (in-board table): 210cm

Length of projected table: 281cm

Wide outer wheels: 120cm

Weight: 398kg

Wheels and drawers are standard

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