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PW Vedmaskin tractor driven
 PW Vedmaskin tractor driven  PW Vedmaskin tractor driven  PW Vedmaskin tractor driven

PW Vedmaskin tractor driven


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Now you can work with the wood anywhere you want, quickly and safely, without being dependent on electricity connection.

The firewood is connected to the tractor's 3-point attachment, and is connected to the tractor's hydraulics (requirements for the tractor pump: press min. 180 bar).

The firewood is integrated with a folding table so as not to protrude outside the tractor, and then facilitates the accessibility of the forest.

The firewood is put down on the support legs so that the work can be carried out at a suitable working height.


In cases where the pressure is not sufficient on the tractor, there is a gearbox and pump that are connected directly to the power take-off to reach the correct working pressure. Contact All You Need for ordering.

Technical data:

Engine: 5.5 kW (7.5 hp)

Electrical connections: 400 V, 3-phase, 16 A

Phase user: Standard

Oil flow: 24 liters / minute

Oil pressure: 210 bar

Hydraulic oil: Viscosity 32, 17 liters

Piston / cylinder: Ø 80/100 mm

Cap speed: 4 sec. down, 2 sec. up

Pressure force: 19.5 tons

Knife: Hardox 400

Roller table length: 240cm

My wood diameter: Ø 5 mm

Max wood diameter: Ø 300 mm

Height: 205cm

Working height: 80cm

Length (in-board table): 210cm

Length of projected table: 281cm

Wide outer wheels: 120cm

Weight: 398kg

Wheels and drawers are standard

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