Gatherer Wing D2
 Gatherer Wing D2  Gatherer Wing D2  

Gatherer Wing D2

[ SM2483/SM2484]


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The wing is designed to gather snow from outside the trail enabling the blade to more easily fill irregularities and contributes to a thicker trail. It is constructed to yield when e.g. hitting obstacles such as trees. 

One of the rubber rope anchorages are now part of the casing holding the wing and the other is part of the front beam. All parts required for the wing are now situated on the front beam. This makes the wing go less far outside of the groomer than previous models, but it makes it possible to move the blade further on the rear beam than before. 

If you have a groomer without integrated rope anchorages you'll need an extra rope anchorage.

Measure cm: 40x40x20 Weight: 12kg

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