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The rightfulness is a balance type wood cabinet with a roller table. What mainly distinguishes the justice fact from other balances is the maneuvering of the blade and the safety. Normally, the blade is lifted when cutting, which obstructs the back. With the fairness, you pull the handle towards you and work with straight back. The blade is always hidden and protected. When sawing in the cradle and balancer of older model, you move towards the blade under the sawing torque. When you saw with the Rättvikskapen you work from the blade, which further increases safety. By moving the lever to the other side of the machine, it also fits for left-handed people.

For setting the wood length there is a chain stop (with fixed stops, the wood wants to "hang out"). When you have finished cutting and want to set aside Rättvikskapen, hook the table, fold it together and attach it to the saw house. the safest according to Council and Rön. In this way, the Rättvikskapen takes minimal space and the wheels make it easy to drive away.

Supplied with motor protection, electronic blade brake, switch and European contact.

Technical data:

Engine: 4 kW (5.5 hp)

Electrical connections: 400 V, 3-phase, 16 A.

Phase user: Standard

Blade Ø: 700 mm

Roller length: 200cm

Length incl. saw house: 230cm

Height: 209cm (packaged / standing)

Working height: 89cm

Length (with mounted table 2m): 233cm

Wide outer wheels: 103cm

Depth: 70cm

Weight: 155kg

Galvanized ball bearing rollers.

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